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Core Environmental Principles

Lisbon Valley Copper Corp. advocates mining as temporary land use, replaced in the long term with sustainable natural, recreational, or commercial land use.  The Company promotes the mining industry by demonstrating environmental compliance and communicating with regulators, stakeholders, and the public in a manner that promotes trust and confidence.  Lisbon Valley Copper Corp. invests in developing new and effective methods of sustainability and reclamation.

Concurrent Reclamation

Lisbon Valley Copper Corp. is committed to sound environmental practices and concurrent reclamation. Reclamation activities include re-grading disturbed areas to the original landscape and surface texture as well as re-seeding to foster re-vegetation and slope stability. Curvilinear and roughened grading is conducted to blend in with the natural topography. Early reclamation allows the Company to monitor progress and ultimately expedites the return of the land to other sustainable use.