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Project History

Commercial copper mineralization was initially discovered in Lisbon Valley and mined during the 1890’s at the Big Indian Mine.  Copper was mined on a small scale in Lisbon Valley until the 1960’s when modern exploration techniques were used to begin defining what is now the Centennial Pit which is being actively mined by the Company today.

The Lisbon Valley project was permitted in 1999 and Constellation Copper Corp, a Canadian company formerly publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange, took ownership and capitalized the project between 1999 and 2004. Construction to build the surface infrastructure for the mine began in 2005.  The mine produced its first copper cathode in 2006 and has produced copper cathode since that time.

Lisbon Valley Mining Company was formed during 2009 when it took control of the project and has successfully expanded its copper resources with RC drilling and core drilling since 2009.  Total drilling on the Company’s land position exceeds 235k feet.  The Company is well positioned to contribute to Utah’s economy and play a role in the U.S. economy’s transition away from fossil fuels to new sources of renewable energy.